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Southside Middle School Addition

2002     Southside Independent School District

The new additions to Southside Middle School house a new Kitchen and Cafeteria, and Gymnasium, connected by a plaza.  These spaces realign the entry of the campus to the open onto the new plaza, with an axial focus on the library and student services area.  This becomes the new "heart of the campus." 


The Kitchen and Cafeteria addition is a full preparation kitchen with dining facilities for 500 students at one seating.  The design services for this 13,600 square foot facility included the selection and utilities coordination of kitchen equipment.


The Gymnasium addition is contiguous with the existing gymnasium and Southside Middle School, allowing for coordinated simultaneous use by both the Boys and Girls athletic programs.  The new Gymnasium addition also houses locker rooms, coaches' offices, Physical Education storage, a laundry, and a classroom for health instruction.